A Little More Practice

Now that I have my new hoop, I can actually waist hoop! It’s so discouraging when you can’t keep it up for more than 2 rotations before it falls. 

This one is heavier thanks to the tape, and the diameter is about 2″ bigger than my DIY hoop. 

Anyways, I worked on waist hooping for about 20 minutes. Here is a short video just to show the improvement from the other hoop.

Weight, size, and quality really do make a difference.

I also worked on my isolations some more. I was so excited to do them with a pretty hoop, but didn’t account for the extra weight. I’m so happy I can waist hoop now, but I’m a little sad it took away from the isolations. I’ll just have to practice them more. Here’s a short video of it:​​

It’s pretty obvious in the video that the hoop was weighing my arm down LOL. 

In the next video, I was trying to leg/ankle hoop. I clearly have a long way to go with it, but there is a noticeable difference in just 4 tries! 

I’m excited to practice some more and hopefully make my waist hooping a little smoother! 


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