About Me

Hey guys! I’m guessing you came here to learn a little bit about me.

Truth is, I’m just your average, every day girl trying to improve herself.

I am beyond blessed to be the mother to my beautiful daughter, Adalynn. I had her August 10, 2016. She is, without question, my whole world.

I am a lover of all things vintage. I would rather spend my time at a flea market than the mall. The best thing I have ever found would be my 6.5 foot tall wooden giraffe. I got him for $15. They go for $100+ online!!! here he is:


Pretty cool, right? My apartment is decorated with random things I find. I wouldn’t say I have a decorating style. It’s more “I like this so I’ll find a place to put it”, and I love that!

I’m an HGTV fanatic. Chip and Jo make my heart happy. I’m also obsessed with Friends!

I love singing, but no one else likes it. Haha!

I am currently enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University pursing my BA in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health. I plan on going all the way and getting my Doctorate. Neuropsychology is something I am seriously considering.

I listen to all different types of music. I love country when I’m driving, EDM and upbeat pop for hooping, and occasionally hip-hop/rap in the right setting. I can hoop to some country music too (Luke Bryan’s upbeat songs are the best).

I’ll continue to add to this page as I think of things 🙂